NBR® (Original - No Sugar Added) with Prebiotic

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NBR® (Original - No Sugar Added) with Prebiotic

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NutriBrownRice® (Original - No Sugar Added) brown rice instant powder contains inulin which is prebiotic that is good for human body digestive system. One serving of wholegrains cereal will provide you with 38% of your daily wholegrains requirement.

It is mild yet scrumptious. Ideal for the individuals who are strict in low sugar count calories. Perfect for breakfast, lunchtime and dinner.

Back to the root! Value the first taste of unpolished brown rice that is actually novel. This is appropriate on the off chance that you are strict in your sugar-free eating regimen. It has a considerable measure of medical advantages:

It’s low in calorie, packed with good carbohydrates, no sugar added, low in fats and sodium, most importantly it is also free of trans fat and 0% in cholesterol.


Just add hot water FIRST and mix in the cereal.



All NutriBrownRice® products are proudly made in Malaysia with stringent Halal certificates by JAKIM, ISO22000, HACCP & GMP. We offer the best quality products for the best value. We do not compromise on quality.



NutriBrownRice® as a healthy food product is being selected as Diploma Award that endorsed by world's food enthusiast and panel judges in SIAL Innovation. 


NutriBrownRice® (Original - No Sugar Added) with prebiotic is packed with a good source of magnesium, phosphorus, vitamin B6, vitamin E and et cetera.

No Sugar Added

Good for the digestive system

Good for skin

-Magnesium contributes to a reduction of tiredness and fatigue.

-Phosphorus contributes to bone development.

-Vitamin B6 contributes to normal red blood cell formation.

-Vitamin E helps to prevent cells damage from free radicals that occur during the natural process of the body.

Inulin is a nutritious food. It's high in fiber, low in calories, and has other medical advantages. Inulin helps absorption by expanding the number of good microorganisms in the gut, especially Bifidobacteria. This microorganisms battles off undesirable pathogens (awful microscopic organisms), and other diseases.


Inulin helps in absorption, including calcium and the processing of sugars. This advances solid glucose levels. A recent report expressed that inulin may profit individuals with prediabetes. It can go about as a potential blood-stabilizer when present in your eating routine over a drawn-out stretch of time. Scientists are effectively investigating the utilization of inulin to avert disease. One review found a blend of prebiotics and probiotics, for example, inulin can possibly decrease colon tumour chance. Attempt the unique sound beverages from NutriBrownRice® (Original - No Sugar Added) season, many have returned for additional!

Comparison of Nutrients between NutriBrownRice® (Original - No Sugar Added) and other common foods





Milk: 43.75mg

NutriBrownRice® NSA: 113.4mg

2.6X more calcium


Oatmeal: 0.6g

NutriBrownRice® NSA: 3.6g

6X more fiber


Spinach: 13.6mg

NutriBrownRice® NSA: 18mg

1.3X more magnesium


NutriBrownRice® (Organic - No Sugar Added) is rich in calcium, fiber and magnesium. NutriBrownRice® (Organic - No Sugar Added) even has more calcium than the most popular source of calcium which is milk. Calcium is really an important food for the development and maintenance of bones. NutriBrownRice No Sugar Added has a high amount of dietary fiber (6x more fibre compared to the one contained in oatmeal) which can aid the consumers who are suffering from constipation. Lastly, NutriBrownRice® (Organic - No Sugar Added) has higher magnesium than the spinach. Magnesium is important to regulate the level of calcium, potassium and sodium, it is vital for heart health, prevent osteoporosis and many more health benefits.

Product Code NUT29API18
Manufacturer Abrand Food Manufacturing Sdn Bhd
Condition New
Weight 0.280kg

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Good for my gastric problem

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I have been suffering from long term gastric and I have to take medicine on daily basis. For the past one week of NuTRlbrown no sugar, I have been gastric free as of now. I will continue to take this miracle drink. :-) (14 Sep 2017, 23:23)
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